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Square Saw Cutting
: up to 600mm x 400 mm

Mitre Saw Cutting: up to 500mm x 300mm

Auto Saw Cutting: Multiple passes up to 300mm

Laser Cutting: We can now offer laser processing with access to 3 laser machines. These are ideally suited for hollow sections, stainless steel, alloys and mild steel. The precision of these lasers means that multiple operations such as drilling, sawing, milling and punching can be performed in one set-up, providing a cost effective solution for most enquiries.

Shotblasting and Primer Painting: Available in the standard 25 microns or high build.

Fast turn-around ability

Priory Steels supply to a vast range of manufacturing industry sectors. From fencing, pedestrian guards, parapets and mezzanine floors to storage tanks, traffic signs and street furniture, Priory Steels will be able to aid your enquiry.

We have experience of supplying steel for lifts, conveyors, modular structures, racking systems, horse boxes, skips, agricultural machinery, general fabrications and engineering.

For all your laser needs
We offer laser processing with access to three machines ideally suited for hollow sections in mild steel, stainless steel and alloys. Multiple operations such as drilling, sawing, milling and punching are performed in one set up, saving you money.
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